Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Convert Batch File to EXE

Despite the fact batch files are quite useful for different purposes, it is better sometimes to convert them into executable ones. Today we will learn how to convert batch files to EXE. The easiest and fastest way to convert it is utility Dr.Batcher. It offers a special wizard that lets you convert batch file to EXE in several clicks.
1. Download Dr.Batcher and install it on your computer
2. Start Dr.Batcher and open the batch file you want to convert.
3. Choose ‘Tools’ -> ‘Compile EXE File…’. Follow the wizard instructions.
4. Enter the output file name, choose application type and security options. Check ‘Console’ to create application that will show console output during the batch file execution, or choose ‘Invisible’ to hide the console output. Check ‘Protect batch file and additional files to pervert reverse engineering’ to encrypt the output file. Click ‘Next’.
5. Choose the additional files your script needs while execution. It might be some external applications (for example, zip for backup scripts), other scripts or any other file. Click ‘Next’.
6. Click ‘Next’ to create the executable file.
7. Click ‘Run the created file’ to test the converted EXE or ‘Finish’ to exit the wizard.