Friday, September 7, 2012

New Version of Dr.Batcher Offers Backup Script Wizard

The new version of Dr.Batcher, the award-winning tool for creating and editing batch files, comes with support for creating full-featured backup and restore scripts in a few clicks.
Version 2.2 of Dr.Batcher, a powerful tool for batch files creation and editing designed both for advanced users and newbies, offers brand new Backup Script Wizard. Now one can create compressed (ZIP, CAB archive formats supported) or uncompressed backups with the help of batch scripts, and restore them. All compressed backups can be protected with passwords, also the level of compression is changeable.
It should be noticed that the new version of Dr.Batcher comes with multi-document tabbed user interface. Now one can easily move from one batch file to another during programming them and make changes in many files without opening and closing each of them. Dr.Batcher can automatically load all recently opened files, so user doesn’t have to remember all of them.
Among other changes, in Dr.Batcher 2.2 one can meet support for automatic adding the copyright message on the top of the script, support for auto-saving scripts after the specified period of time, updated settings.
Dr.Batcher still provides users both with professional script editor and simple editor for those who don’t know batch files syntax well. The application comes with support for dozens of most commonly used DOS and Windows commands, also users can extend the list by writing their own XMLs with commands descriptions. While editing a batch file, user can switch between visual editor (Simple mode) and text editor (Professional mode) any time he wants.