Saturday, September 18, 2010

Checking for Existence of a File in Batch Scripts

Sometimes it is necessary to check whether a file exists in a certain folder. Batch scripting provides a programmer with a really nice construction called 'If Exist'. It's pretty useful when you want to check for existence of a given file, for example, 'autoexec.bat'. To check for it, you should write the following code:
If Exist autoexec.bat Echo Autoexec.bat exists!
But if you try to check for existence of any files in the way described above, you'll be surprised. Written '*.*', you'll be notified about existing files anyway, even when there are no files in the given folder. So instead of using '*.*' in 'if exist', it's better to look at the following code:
@Echo Off
For %%a In (1\*.*) Do Call :File_Ex %%a
If Defined FileExist Echo Exist
Goto :EOF
Set FileExist=Yes
Goto :EOF
This code will give you proper answer about files in the specified folder, and you can include it into your own batch scripts. Hope it'll be useful for you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dr.Batcher 2.0.3 Is Out

We're glad to introduce Dr.Batcher 2.0.3 - a new version of the award-winning batch files editor. In this version you will find:
  • Search features in 'Add command' window (see screenshot)
  • Support execution of a script without saving it
  • Support for sending bug reports from menu
  • 9 new examples
  • Small bugfixes.
You can find new version of Dr.Batcher here. Hope you'll enjoy it.