Monday, October 25, 2010

Dr.Batcher 2.1 Is Released

Today we're glad to introduce new version of Dr.Batcher. Though there is a lot of different small improvements in it, the main difference between this and previous versions is support for compiling batch files to EXEs. We've tried to make the process of EXE creation as handy as possible, so today you can find a new wizard in Dr.Batcher (choose "Tools" -> "Compile EXE File"). The wizard look like this:

You can find detailed information about the new version of Dr.Batcher here. Hope you'll enjoy it. You are still always welcome to send your suggestions and reports at

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creating And Upacking ZIP Archives Using Batch Scripts

Sometimes it's necessary to create archives and extract files from them with help of batch files. For instance, it's useful when you writing scripts for automated backups. There is a number of different console archivers available on market, but still the most famous one is PKZIP (together with unpacker PKUNZIP). This archiver is especially useful for those who still use DOS for some reason.
The following command will help you to compress all files in the current forder:
PKZIP -a -ex -r -P -whs %1 *.*
If you put this line to a text file and save it as 'zip.bat', then you should just call 'zip.bat c:\' to compress all files from the current folder to c:\
To extract files from the created archive to the current folder, you have to use the following command:
PKUNZIP -d %1 -o .\
The only parameter passing to this short batch file is the name of ZIP to be extracted.